ECOS is the name of a series of international conferences that focus on modern aspects of Thermal Sciences with particular emphasis on Thermodynamics and its applications in energy conversion systems and processes.

The idea for the ECOS series of conferences originated at the meeting of the Systems Analysis Technical Committee (SATC) of the Advanced Energy Systems Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) during the 1985 ASME Winter Annual Meeting, in Florida. At the meeting it was decided to:

  • organize an annual Symposium on the Analysis and Design of Thermal Systems at each ASME WAM and
  • try to involve more scientists and engineers from outside the United States by organizing conferences in other countries, except the United States.

Indeed, a Symposium of 8-15 sessions has been organized by the SATC every year since 1985 at the ASME Winter Annual Meeting and its successor, the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. The first overseas conference took place in Rome, in 1987, with the support of the U.S. National Science Foundation. The name ECOS, coined by George Tsatsaronis, was used for the first time in Zaragoza, in 1992. This is the third time that the ECOS conference is taking place in Greece after Athens in 1991 and Crete in 2006.