CO2SMOS is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the EU that aims to help bio-based industries develop circular approaches and reduce their carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, CO2SMOS aims to develop breakthrough and cost-effective routes
to transform the carbon emissions generated from bioprocesses into different sustainable bio-products. CO2SMOS technologies will
produce high added-value bio-based chemicals from bio-based industrial CO2 emissions (especially focused on biogenic CO2) and renewable sources (green H2 and biomass), by means of a solution that combines innovative biotechnological (gas & liquid fermentation) and intensified chemical conversion processes (electrocatalytic reduction, biocatalysed conversion, catalytic conversion). The project will tackle the development and optimization of a CO2 conversion technological toolbox allowing production of seven added-value chemicals and polymers (PHA, PHB, LcDCA, 2,3-BDO, HCA, CC, BTEX) from the primary conversion of CO2 into two platform bulk chemicals (syngas and acetate). The proposed technologies will be tested and validated from lab to pilot scale, and the obtained molecules will be validated into final applications for the formulation of high-performance biopolymers.
From the environmental point of view, CO2SMOS technologies are envisaged to achieve negative carbon emissions.