Thank you for accepting to be session chair! Below you find a set of guidelines for how to run your session. Please have in mind that it is essential to respect the time schedule in order to make it easier for all to move between sessions and allow for a constructive discussion between the audience and the presenters.

Before the session starts

Go to your room 10 minutes before the session starts. There are technicians in each room. They will help with microphones and switching between presentations. In each session a dedicated member of the local organizing committee will be present to help the session chairs better communicate potential problems with the technicians or the organizers of the conference.

Each sessions has an assigned co-chair; it is suggested to the chair to communicate with the co-chair prior to the session for the co-chair’s duties.


  • Presentations are installed on the computers in the presentation rooms in advance of the session.
  • Presenters should preferably not use their own PCs.
  • Some presenters may have been replaced after the last version of the program was published. If this is the case, make sure you have the name and the affiliation of the new presenter.
  • Technicians will switch presentation files when a new presenter enters the stage.

Introducing the session

Introduce yourself as Session Chair and give your affiliation. As each session has been assigned a co-chair to assist the works of the Chair, it is suggested that the Chair introduces the co-chair for time minimization reasons.

Introducing the presenters

Introduce the presenters by name, affiliation, and title of the paper. Further introduction is left to the presenter to keep most of the allocate time for the actual presentation and the Q/A.

Time limitations

  • Oral presentations should be 15 minutes with 3 additional minutes for questions and minutes for changeover to next presenter.
  • Inform the presenters before the session about:
    • The time limitation.
    • The method you will use to notify them when they are approaching the time limit.
    • How you will interrupt them if they have reached the end of their allowed time.
  • When there is five minutes left of the 15 minutes slot, you should notify the presenter that the time is running out.
  • When there is one minute left of the 15 minutes slot, you should notify the presenter that the time is running out.
  • When 15 minutes has passed, you must interrupt the presenter.

Please make sure that the program time schedule is strictly enforced.

No-show or early finish

• If a presenter does not show up, the time allocated for that presentation shall be used

as an additional break. Do not shift forward the following presentation(s).

• If the presenter and the discussion is finished early, a break should be made until the

scheduled starting time for the next presentation to allow interested audience to

move between sessions according to the schedule.

Questions and answers

  • There should be 3 minutes for questions and answers (more if presentation is finished early).
  • Prepare at least one general question ready for each presenter, in case the audience doesn’t have any.
  • If all time has expired, it is acceptable to ask the audience to discuss issues with the presenter after the end of the session (in the break).

Finishing a session

  • Inform the audience that the session has finished and thank them for attending.
  • If you have the last session before lunch or coffee break, please make the audience aware of when the next session starts.
  • Should there be issues that the Scientific or Organizing Committee should know about, please inform the organizers. This could potentially be:
    • Issues with some of the papers presented.
    • Practical issues related to the room you chaired in.

Recommendation of papers

  • After the end of the session, the chair should recommend papers for special issues in journal on a separate Google form
  • The co-chair is also expected to fill in a separate form from the sessions chair to recommend papers for special issues in journal (please follow the link above)

Download Guidelines for session chairs