Monday 1/7/2024

The ECOS conferences: A short history from a personal perspective

George Tsatsaronis

Bewag Professor of Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection
Institute for Energy Engineering, Technische Universität Berlin
Marchstr.18, 10587 Berlin, Germany



Technologies to enable energy transition

Emmanuel Kakaras

Executive Vice President, GX Solutions for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA Ltd
Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, NTUA, Greece

Tuesday 2/7/2024

How to transform deep tech clean technologies into innovation in the EU energy policy context: lessons learnt as program manager at the European InnovationCouncil

Antonio Marco Pantaleo

Program manager for energy systems and clean technologies at the European Innovation Council


The innovation journey of a clean-scientific innovation

Francesco Matteucci

Programme Manager on Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
of the European Innovation Council (ECI-EISMEA)
Temporary Professor at the University of Ferrara.



EU CO2 management strategy and NZIA – No Green Deal without CCS and CCU – Impact on projects and technology development

Senior Business Development Manager for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)
 responsible for Decarbonisation Business in Continental Europe

Thursday 4/7/2024


MBA, MEng – Commercial Manager, AHI Southeastern Europe S.A.



Strategy & Development Chief Officer of DESFA



Director of European Affairs of MOH Group
Member of Board of Directors of Hellenic Hydrogen
Registered lawyer in Athens Bar Association