Rhodes, the “Island of the Sun”, the “Island of the Knights” or “The Pearl Island” is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. One of the best-preserved medieval settlements in the world, the Old Town of Rhodes has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Protected inside its imposing walls -a boundary between past and present- is the islands’ coat of arms. Every stone tells a story.

Ancient statues, marble crests, fountains, mosques and hammams, the Clock Tower with its breathtaking view of the Aegean. . . a rich heritage left behind by past civilizations.

There are plenty of reasons why someone should visit Rhodes, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Besides the beautiful beaches and resorts, there is plenty to explore:

  • Rich history
  • Nature and excursions
  • Culinary pleasures
  • Tradition and Villages
  • Active nightlife
  • Direct Access from most Airports Worldwide • Outstanding Hotel Accommodation
  • Friendly & Efficient Service
  • Fabulous Weather