Project PUSH – CCC aims to make an essential contribution on the fight against climate change, making feasible an increasing rate of renewable energy on the electric grids worldwide, by solving the key existing limits of large-scale Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) scalability, replicability, efficiency, and energy density while boosting its cost-effective commercial development in Europe by bringing a breakthrough CAES concept to TRL4, which is based on a novel optimized integration of advanced technology and scientific advances beyond the state of the art, pushing the efficiency and profitability of the isobaric adiabatic Combined Cycle CAES (CCC) concept patented by RIEGOSUR through its affiliated company PREXTOR SYSTEMS.
This project has received funding from the European Union´s EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2022 programme under grant agreement No 101115601.
CCC basic principle is to use a variable volume cushion fluid from saturated liquid to saturated vapour at high-pressure and low-medium temperature, to maintain constant the cavern pressure during air introduction and extraction processes. Scientific literature has already demonstrated the potential of such a constant pressure operation concept which leads to the enhancement of the efficiency of turbomachinery and minimization of cavern volume requirements; however, the scalability of the system is compromised by the additional auxiliary equipment complexity and costs, and secondary efficiency losses due to the energy requirements of the volatile fluid phase change processes. PUSH-CCC disruptive goal is to solve the existing challenges to bring a high-efficient (above 80% round-trip), cost-effective at large-scale (>100MW) energy storage technology with massive deployment & replication potential (increasing energy density up to 11.8 kWh/m3) as hard-rock areas (affordable for PUSH-CCC) are a major part of the continental land-use worldwide, while minimizing heat losses and fracking risks.